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Sacred Passage Doula

What is a Sacred Passage or End of Life Doula?

End-of-Life Doulas are frontline caregivers who offer non-medical, healing vs. curative care to families and patients during critical illness and the dying process. They work individually or in teams, available around the clock, and fill in care gaps before, nearing and during death. The presence of an End-Of-Life Doula at the bedside assures families and loved ones that they can focus on what is most important throughout the dying process.

During the Dying Process the EOL Doula can assist by:

  • Increasing beauty, pleasure, and contentment.
  • Providing emotional and spiritual support.
  • Initiating conversations about the dying process.
  • Demystifying the stages of the dying process.
  • Acknowledging mysteries, miracles, and unexplained events.
  • Creating Ceremony & Ritual
  • Assisting in how to be with intense emotions, in self and others.
  • Honoring your beliefs.
  • Being a steward of conscious death.
  • Attending at the bedside so that no one dies alone.